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Katharina Treml is a potter based in County Waterford, Ireland. She makes wheel thrown tableware and one-off decorative pieces in stoneware and porcelain, often experimenting with local materials or different firing methods.

'I aspire to make pots that enrich everyday life and encourage people to slow down in a fast paced world. I hope whoever uses my work feels some of the joy that I feel making it'

Growing up in rural Austria, being in nature, making, creating and learning new skills has always been an integral part of my life. While studying food science in Vienna I was introduced to clay and instantly fell in love. I decided to exchange my lab coat for a potter's apron and make ceramics my career. In 2018, I moved to Ireland to further my skills at the renowned DCCoI Ceramics Skills and Design Course in Thomastown where I graduated in 2020. I now work from my home studio along the beautiful Copper Coast in County Waterford


Pottery is all about connection and tactile engagement for me. I am interested in pots that are a quiet, but enriching part of peoples everyday lives. They can hold memories of a really good meal, a certain moment, story or person.

I like the spontaneity of throwing and the endless room for experimentation that working with clay brings. The materials I work with are important to me and I aim to let them speak for themselves by keeping forms simple and well considered.

I have an ever growing curiosity about materials - trying to understand how I can use what I find locally, how it reacts in the kiln, what colours or textures it achieves. Processing wood ash, local clay or minerals is time consuming and requires a lot of testing. I like this involved way of working. The unpredictability of these materials excites me, makes each pot unique and gives them a sense of place.

You can follow my  journey more closely if you head over to instagram.


RDS Craft Award Winner 2022
Future Makers 2021 - Overall Student Winner
DCCI Chief Executive Purchase Award 2020


2023 - Ceramics Ireland Selected Members, Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin

2023 - Pop up Exhibition, I Am Of Ireland Gallery, Waterford, Ireland

2022 - Made in Ireland, F.E. McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge, Northern Ireland

2022 - Clay and Canvas, Lavit Gallery, Cork, Ireland
2022 - Made in Ireland , Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2022 - Three Potters , Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford, Ireland
2021 - Ceramics Ireland Selected Members Exhibition, Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin, Ireland

2021 - Ceramics #1, Cahir Arts, Cahir, Ireland
2021 - Made in Ireland, National Design and Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland
2021 - InForm, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
2021 - Table Talk, Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford, Ireland
2021 - Hand to Hand , National Design and Craft Gallery, Kilkenny Ireland
2020 - Clay/Works, Ceramics Ireland Members Exhibition, Dublin Castle, Ireland

2019 - Clay/Works, Ceramics Ireland Members Exhibition, Dublin Castle, Ireland

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